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Company Overview

Frank Recruitment Group is a global leader in niche technology recruitment. They connect businesses of all sizes with permanent and contract IT specialists, from start-ups that need a single developer to international enterprises building an entire team in a new location.

Its recruitment consultants use ShowTech as a pre-screening method to test candidates’ skills, validate their ability and to make sure there’s a correlation between their CVs and test performance. They've also gone one step further by creating tests specifically for candidates to help to promote them for potential roles. ShowTech is also used with potential clients, by providing technical test reports with anonymised CVs, to give insights into technical skills that are available on the market.




1,600 employees

Positions Hired

IT professionals experienced in ERP, CRM, HCM, ITSM, Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Cloud technologies. Technical Architects and DevOps specialising in Python, C++, PHP, and Java.

Where candidates lack experience, or when their CV isn’t as technical as some clients would like, ShowTech really helps. Recently we placed a candidate with no commercial experience into a mid-level role as the ShowTech assessment allowed them to prove their technical ability, securing the interview. The client and candidate would have missed out on this opportunity without having the test score as proof of the candidate's ability.

Zarah Ahmed, Technical Assessment Manager at Frank Recruitment Group
The Challenge

The Challenge

As a global recruiter, finding the right candidates with the right skills for its clients is no guessing game. Frank Recruitment Group needs to be confident in a candidate's knowledge and abilities so they can meet client needs and provide candidates that have the skills they are looking for. One of the biggest challenges they had was relying on CVs to validate practical ability.

A brief description of work experience is not always the best or most accurate way to show this, especially in the case of graduates and entry-level roles. What they needed was a way to be sure of a candidate's technical ability so they could point them towards the right positions while sharing the right people with clients.

How we helped

ShowTech has meant Frank Recruitment Group can test candidates' technical skills and knowledge, allowing them to better understand a candidate's ability, whilst improving its relationships with clients. As a result, they have been able to provide a higher level of service by only putting forward to clients pre-screened candidates who have proved that they are technically competent and fit the brief.

Frank Recruitment Group has also been able to win new clients by using ShowTech assessments that highlight the technical skills on the market, as well as providing candidates with limited experience, roles that align with their actual ability.

Using ShowTech assessments on an individual candidate basis has led to the Recruitment Consultants being able to promote candidates more effectively, allowing candidates to achieve higher salaries based on their performance. They have also been able to suggest training and additional support where a candidate hasn't performed as well on an assessment.

ShowTech has supported Frank Recruitment Group every step of the way. The great thing about ShowTech is the additional support we have received when we've needed it.

Zarah Ahmed, Technical Assessment Manager at Frank Recruitment Group
With our ShowTech technical assessments, Frank Recruitment Group can confidently validate its candidates' tech skills and knowledge, so it can provide clients with the best tech candidates, that have the right skills for them.

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