We’ve Officially Launched Tungl!

August 01, 2019

We’ve Officially Launched Tungl!

Well its finally here… It’s been months in the making and we’re thrilled to say that as of Monday 29th July, we’re no longer Technically Compatible, and we’re now officially Tungl!

We’re so proud of Team Tungl... a huge shout out to everyone for all their hard work! The new website, the platform, the logo – it’s all looking splendid and there’s only more exciting updates to come.

So why have we done all this?

Well here’s why… We help tech recruiters & Technical Managers/CTOs to hire and build better tech teams, by assessing their candidate’s ability through our online assessments. When we started in 2014, we assessed practical ability only, but fast-forward to 2019, as our ambition now goes beyond this and we now offer insight into a candidate’s interpersonal skills as well, and we’d outgrown the Technically Compatible brand.

Our CEO Mike is confident that our new brand will help continue to drive our growth...

“As the business has developed, we felt that it was a perfect juncture to consider whether our name and identity still reflected the ambition and dynamism of the business, and it seemed the perfect time to change." Mike Rohan, CEO

We see our new brand standing out in the market, supporting our growth strategy and continued global expansion. We currently have customers in over 40 countries worldwide including the Philippines, the US and Australia, and we have ambitious plans to double our customer base over the next 12 months. So stay tuned!

And what is a Tungl you ask?

Tungl is the Old Norse word for ‘moon’ and originates from ‘to shine’. We choose this name as we loved this connection as it really resonates with what we do, helping talented tech candidates to shine through!

What does this mean for our future?

Our Chair (and former Compaq bigwig) Ross Miller is excited about what the rebrand means for our customers, current and future, and for our business....

“We really feel that we are entering an exciting new chapter in the company’s development, taking all the positives from the last five years and enhancing our service further to delight our customers and deliver an even greater return on investment.” - Ross Miller, Chair

And (most importantly) we have Tungl goodies!

Every rebrand needs branded merch right? So, we’ve sent some exclusive Tungl goody bags to some of our lucky customers and we’re over the moon (get it? Tungl – moon?) to see that they, and so many others, are already loving our new brand. Team Tungl are particularly loving their Tungl socks!

untitled design 19

We’re really excited to use Tungl to continue to build our business, and we’re keen to see what reaction we get to it. So far feedback has been great and we’re so excited that Tungl represents a bold new period for us!

Read more on why we rebranded and to see our shiny new brand for yourself, visit Tungl.io, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @TeamTungl.

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