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We're on a mission is to revolutionise how businesses assess, select and ultimately hire tech talent.

Our online tech assessments evaluate your tech candidates' skills and knowledge, enabling you to make fast, data-driven hiring decisions.

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Why Tungl Tech Assessments?

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We have customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

You can create your own tech assessments to measure only what matters to you.

Our tech assessments let candidates work in a comfortable environment where they can best show off their abilities.

We cover all major roles, software languages and technologies.

See for yourself how our online tech assessments we can help your business...

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Our online tech assessments give you reports with insights on your candidates capabilities and fit for your business. We empower Tech Recruiters to shortlist candidates with confidence and enable Hiring Managers to have insightful interviews. Ultimately this means you can quickly find your tech talent and hire them quicker.

Customers in 40+ countries worldwide

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What our customers say

Tungl covers an extensive range of subjects allowing us to widen our candidate talent pool and provide our clients with a wider range of Software Engineers. It's easy to use and delivers a great candidate experience.

Seb Hall
Seb Hall, Co-Founder & CFO at Cloud Employee

Hire with confidence

Improve your candidates experience, get better insights into their ability whilst saving you time to spend on those things automation can't do!

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